Alderley Residence, Brisbane


Location Alderley
Scope Basketball Court, Fire pit, Retaining, Front Entry, Softscape
Completed 2016

Just off of a busy road in the northern, hilly inner city suburbs of Brisbane lay a property whose exterior spaces were home to a basketball court, open and bespoke fire pit area and plenty of lawn space.

This project involved the inclusion of a number of bespoke elements to all work and compliment each other to blend spaces and zones rather than isolate them. Throughout the project we used the levels across the property to our advantage, allowing us to create features across each tier.

The multi-sports court was a key area for this family home as it provided a flat playing space that was big enough for small groups to play, shoot, throw and dunk a range of balls and sporting activities alike. Opposite to this high energy space, led the raised fire pit area in which focused on using softer and more natural materials like Sandstone Blocks and timber posts to blend into the surrounding bushland.

Overall, the transformation of this homes exterior spaces allowed the family to be drawn more towards outdoor activities and gatheringsĀ  and really make the most out of those Mt Cootha views.