Comprehensive Design Plans

A complete design package will appeal to those who are keen to enhance their relaxation opportunities within their own outdoor space. Whether you have firm ideas of how you would like to enhance your outdoor zones, or are uncertain of the possibilities of your site, we will work collaboratively with you to develop a comprehensive set of plans that will lift your outdoor space from ‘now’ to ‘wow’!

Initial Consultation

Great design is about listening to people and giving them an opportunity to explain what is important to them and their family, and then applying that to their residence in ways that work. The initial consultation is attended by one of our experienced Landscape Architects and typically occurs on site, offering a relaxed forum for discussion. This is an opportunity to develop an understanding of what people want to achieve, and at the same time we offer advice and recommendations based upon the site and our experience. It is our aim to ensure we maximise the outdoor areas, gain an understanding of the client’s vision for how the area is going to function and be utilised, and maintain a strong connection between the residence and the outdoor space. The initial consultation results in the development of a project brief.

Concept Plan

When creating a design, there are many style and functional elements that must be considered and cohesively combined to deliver the overall landscape plan. A concept plan is developed based upon the project brief and discussions had during the initial consultation. The concept plan is light on finished detail but affords clients an overall view of how their brief may be realised on their property… a pool in this area because of sun direction, a fire pit here because we want to create different zones for teenagers, a retaining wall in because we want to provide a more level space for entertaining etc.

Finalised Plan

A landscape design needs to be practical and beautiful. You want to enjoy your outdoor space, and be drawn to different areas for different purposes including relaxation and entertaining. The finalised plan is completed in stages, and results in a detailed document complete with an overall finished design and set of plans for council and construction containing all details.

Stage 1
  • Gathering information like a survey plan of the site, existing / proposed drawings for renovation or new build, measuring and ground-truthing the site
  • Placing all the information into electronic CAD format for design purposes
Stage 2
  • Preparation of landscape sketch plans including any sections / elevations where necessary
  • Issue of preliminary landscape concept package in colour to the client for review and amendments
  • Consultation and coordination with the client
  • This stage may involve consultation with various design disciplines in order to gain correct information and requirements for the proposed design
Stage 3
  • Landscape plan showing the finalised design. This finalised design can be established after multiple revisions of the initial landscape concept developed in Stage 2.
  • Planting plan including plant schedule, quantities, species, spacings and sizes.
  • Issue of final documentation set to the client in PDF format
  • Onsite liaison for the presentation of final plans


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