Grange Residence, Brisbane


Location Grange
Scope Retaining, Stairs
Completed 2016

Keen gardeners looking to collaborate with landscape designers are hard to come across, but when the two meet in a garden mass planted and taken care of as well as this one, something truly beautiful happens. The slope was always going to be an issue in this property. This meant that every nook and cranny of this garden had to be designed to deal with that while still complementing the pool, house and views out into the bush land surrounding the property.

The denseness of planting within the stairs and retaining of this property are what makes it so successful. The stairs themselves being framed by different heights of timber sleepers, therefore blending into the woody surroundings. The clumps of different Gingers, Heliconia’s and bursts of colour through the use of variegated grasses and Crotons tie the garden all together, while still adding to the overall function, purpose and aesthetics of the verdant space.