St Lucia Residence, Brisbane


Location St Lucia
Scope Retaining, Front Fence, Turf, Stairs, Softscaping
Completed 2020

Low maintenance, industrial and australian; is how I would describe the recently completed new build at St Lucia.

We sought to create spaces that were user friendly for a family of all ages . Throughout the property there were inclusions of areas that assisted with key movement and flow from front to back as well as areas that could be enjoyed by an individual or a group.

In doing this, at the front we focused more on providing blurred privacy from the street via Blackbutt Timber batten screening. This then also created a secure area that connected directly with an upstairs loungeroom and deck adding to that indoor/outdoor essence we all love so much. The garden is filled with an array of small – large succulents and multi-coloured Aloe’s that will only grow and add to the privacy over time, as well as a number of softer, more compact greens like Jade, Pittosporum Miss Muffet and Philodendron Xanadu.

In the back, we worked around the architecture of the home and looked to create a space that joined the play areas with the more functional rooms of the house. Installing large concrete landings acting as stairs meant that element of play became more blurred between the pool and lawn within the property and the playground and public park behind.

Overall, this project allowed us to use and play with more natural and raw products that ultimately enhanced the architectural elements of the property.


House Design / Base Architecture
Home Construction / Space Constructions

Before Photos